Old way of handling lens blur handled low light photos better

Latest update for Mac seems to over sharpen the fine noise in raw files exported from Lightroom. The old way (The dedicated lens Blur button/selection) seemed to fix out of focus subjects by finding details that were larger than the sensor noise.

I generally don’t use the noise reduction when exporting raw files from Lightroom - only the Lens Blur…so, I might be doing it wrong by not using noise reduction? The old version of noise reduction seemed to be a little too strong if you wanted to keep some low light noise/grain.

Can you down grade to earlier versions?

Hey @rick-7443, we’re going to be adding a new option in preferences to enable/disable the older sharpening models that we’ve had in Photo AI up until the 1.3.0 update.

1.3.1 will include a setting that lets you use the older sharpening models should you prefer them :slight_smile:

Thank you Preston!

I ended up using the the “Strong” selection and turned the Strength slider up to 11. It didn’t have the grain texture problem the “Standard” selection did, but it didn’t seem to reproduce the magic of the lens blur.

Also, the “Raw Remove Noise” set to “Normal” with a “Strength” and “Detail” turned all the way down to 1 blows out all traces of grain. Is there a noise removal setting that leaves a little texture behind?

@rick-7443 Would you mind sharing your original image with us for the denoising behavior you described? If it’s below 65MB you should be able to upload it to the thread here :smiley:

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