Old Light Fixture

Used Clarity, Detail, Texture, Lighting Effects, a touch of Orton Effect, and played around with it till I was happy with it.


Very nicely done

Nice color treatment and image.

@Mond and @David - thanks folks, glad you like it.

Great color and details …

Thanks Bob, much appreciated !

Very nice…

Thanks Kenmo !

I’ve come back and looked at this one a couple of times. The overall processing is quite nice. I especially like the lighting; it looks like a bit of early morning or late afternoon sun is setting the lamp aglow. Nice texture and shadow throughout.

I don’t know if you have more images of this scene. If you do, and could reasonably duplicate the processing, this image could be part of a nice triptych. You could either find another similar detail image to pair it with on the sides, or flip this one horizontally to make the opposite side. And then put something from a distance in the middle.

Best regards

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Thanks Scott, much appreciated. This pic was a one off so I’d have to flip it to use for a triptych, but I might just do that. As to the glow in the lamp, there wasn’t any, I added it.

The PP is perfect for that subject matter. Definitely dark medieval feeling.

It looks natural to me, and I think it’s a big strength of the image. Nicely done!

Thanks Wayne, that’s what I was going for !

Thanks again Scott. There was a bit of light at the front but the glow was lighting effects in Photoshop set to 45%.

Very impressive job processing, I agree with everyone’s positive comments!

Thank you too Ken, glad you like it.