Oil Sticks

During our sojourn in Europe, the thing I enjoyed most was strolling around the back streets and neighborhoods. We would leave each morning with no real expectations and return each afternoon with a new found sense of amazement and memories. In Porto, I ran into an older gentleman who was sketching a storefront with oil sticks. During our chat, I learned that he was between jobs as a – wait for it – a physicist. He didn’t want me to photograph his art, which was quite good, but he had no problem with me capturing his quiver of paints. When I showed him the preview of the shot he smiled and said “You have a good eye – the eye of a photographer.” Music to my ears, because sadly, ever so sadly, I can’t paint worth a damn. But I’m going to try again.


very nice capture and treatment - he was right that you have a good eye


Very cool shot and processing!

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Interesting story and image, you do have a good eye and you are a good digital painter! The PP results are very good and this has wonderful colors.