Official 360° 3D support

Hi everyone,

first of all: Thanks for your amazing software

Since we film professional 360° stereoscopic (left eye on top) videos and need to upframe, enhance or upscale these videos (8K3D360°30fps to 8K3D360°120fps e.g.) we would highly appreciate official 360°and especially 3D support.

Not only we need to reinsert the Meta Data all the time - the most important thing would be: Official support for these formats, as 360° means a different projection and 3D means 1 video consists of 2 videos that are related to each other and if there is a mismatch in interpolated frames/pixels eyes hurt since they can’t figure out the image properly.

With only 30→60fps it seems watchable but it is inofficial and we fear getting worse results after each update and need to review everything in detail.

This is getting more important due to launches of Meta Quest 3 or Apples Vision Pro VR Headset, Tik Tok enabling 360° videos in specific regions etc. So going with the time here wouldn’t only help us but also all other small and big ceeators for that space and saves you a spot in a field where hardware pushes towards its limits since even our 5.500€ camera isn’t able to record 8k in more than 30fps and 8k spread on a 360° sphere is the bare minimum you need for professional videos.

Please vote on this feature if you think this