Odd result in gigapixel 4.5

I downloaded the new AIG 4.5 and ran some pictures. It did a great job of enlarging 4x and was fast. Out of ten pictures i got one very odd result. It placed the heads from one picture into a different picture when the face refinement settings was on. I saw this in the preview but after turning it on and off a few times it went away (in the preview). After processing it was there in the picture. see below.

Hi you will need to raise a support request at the main website for this.

Out of ten pictures it only happened once. I’m curious if it happens to anyone else.

Edit: I just submitted it to Topaz.

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This. Raw Camera File?

No, just two small jpgs.

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Topaz has indicated that they will probably not work on this. I know a work around is to not have two pictures with faces in them next to each other when doing a batch. However this can be difficult if the pictures are of people. If the software is copying faces from one picture to another then this is a bug.

Update: I wanted the customer service person, Shanna, to push the programmers and she did (apparently). I think they found the problem was bigger than what I experienced but anyway it is now fixed in v 4.7.1

This bug is amazing. I would love a sample image. :smiley:

Anyway… Some errors while rendering can be fixed by just slight changes in the noise/sharpen section. Just change one of the settings and try again. This usually “fixes” it. Not great for thousands of images, but for just one or two it will be okay. Well, if that works for you.

Well, the bug is fixed now but I did try many things to see if there was a work around and nothing helped. If you look at the changed log they show a bug that sounds like mine.

  • Scaling by width or height now scales all images in batch correctly
  • Switching files with auto-preview on now updates preview correctly
  • Fix face refinement not correctly updating over multiple images
  • Fix a tiff metadata crash

The picture are family photos so I don’t want to distribute them.

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Oh, that is understandable. But nice, that it works now. <3

Have a nice day.