Odd changes to EXIF on shots with Sony RX10IV

Just noticed going through some old vacation photos and running a few through DeNoise that it’s adding some odd EXIF info to the processed DNG files it sends back to Lightroom Classic (latest version). The camera in question (Sony RX10IV) has an 8.8-220mm lens with a “1-inch” sensor, which translates to 24-600mm in “full frame” terms.

After running three different files through DeNoise, the camera model and actual focal length reading are still correct, but the lens changed from (24-600 F2.4-4.0) to the following three highly-improbable models: (1717-1915mm F1.9-1.8 SSM), (DT 6261-6958mm F6.5-6.7 Reflex), and (7690-10376mm F9.0-10.4 Macro SAM).

Is anyone else seeing anything similar? I did find one other topic where DeNoise was changing some EXIF data, but in a different way to what I’m seeing, where DeNoise seems to be inventing some very interesting Sony lenses for unknown reasons.

If you believe DeNoise is doing this please raised a support request at the main website so support can investigate.