Objects, Instruments, Tools

One issue I have as a music photographer who frequently uses Photo AI to improve “almost there” blurred pictures often found in low-light fast-moving music photography, is the terrible rendition of musical instruments—and in other types of situations, tools, books, and other objects. (the poor rendition of text is covered elsewhere in the suggestion threads). It would be useful to train the AI on these objects—using high-resolution images and lighting from many angles of the wide diversity of objects commonly found in images.

Recently I noticed how microphones are rendered horribly — likely because the AI has no understanding of what a microphone is and the variety of styles in different lighting conditions and perspectives.

Hello, thanks for the feedback! We are always interested in improving the AI performance. Is there a specific filter that struggles or that you are using specifically? Do you have any example images that you would be willing to share here or via our Dropbox?