NYX manual 'revert compression' value range too small

When using NYX manual settings for ‘revert compression’, values higher than 100 are needed for cleanup of videos encoded using settop DVD recorders on the “EP” speed (352x480).
NYX does an excellent job of reverting the compression, but multiple runs are needed to build up the required effect, as other AI models blur the input and remove too much desirable detail. LQ and MQ models yield results worse than the input at (same) scale for pre-processing before upscale.

Please use the attached sample to test and improve your models.
The video was sourced from a 352x480 interlaced DVD recording, deinterlaced to 59.94 at 640x480, and output to ProRes 422

Your goal with this file is to create a 1x scale output at 640x480 where the model removes the shimmery compression artifacts on the woman’s sleeves/vest/hair…without losing the creases/folds near the pocket of her jeans as she sits/moves on the stool.

Even at 100% revert-compression, sparkly artifacts will be seen. Adding 40% noise reduction appears to be the threshold where half the artifacts disappear, along with half the fine detail of the denim creases. Using another model is not an option, as NYX provides the best results. There appears to be no way to remove one without losing the other. The effect of NYX revert-compression needs to be made more powerful at 100% so this model can be used in a wider range of cases…like this one.

Sample.mov.zip (12.9 MB)
System Profile:
Mac Pro, 2019
Processor: 3.2 GHz 16-Core Intel Xeon W
Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro Vega II 32 GB
Memory: 192 GB 2933 MHz DDR4
PCI cards: 8 PCI Card Slots
macOS 13.6 (22G120)

Thanks for the sample! We’ll run some tests and get back to you with results and possible improvements.

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