Nvidia NVENC

Can anyone with the tech know how confirm for VEAI, or any Topaz tool, how the number and version of NVENC chips rates for conversion performance. Looking at this Nvidia NVENC - Wikipedia I see that the GP100 has three chips where as later GPU’s have only one. Am I better off with a GP100 GPU which has 3x NVENC chips or a later GAxxx GPU with only one NVENC chip? Can I expect the older GP100 to be 3x faster at video re-rendering than the later GAxxx GPU’s with only one NVENC chip?

It does not matter one tiny bit. VEAI does not output using NVENC and processes slowly enough that it would not benefit in any way by adding the option to output using it.
Okay, that’s just my assumption. If it did use it, that would explain why I can easily notice quality loss when setting the output to H264 even at CRF 17.

Most everyone that has used Nvidia’s NVENC has reached the same conclusion: It’s fine for streaming, where quality doesn’t matter, but for video enhancing it does not make the cut.