Novice User Questions on Using Sharpen and DeNoise

I am tackling a project of organizing and keywording my approximately 10,000 family photos. Most of these photos were taken on a low MB camera or a smart phone. Others are scanned copies of actual prints dating back to the 1950’s. The scanning was done at 300 DPI.

I decided to try and edit these images to improve their picture quality. I am a new user of Topaz Sharpen and Denoise. After reading many threads on this forum and looking at numerous You Tube videos I came up with the following tentative workflow plan.

First I would use Topaz DeNoise in a batch mode. Next I would apply Topaz Sharpen to add detail to the photos. Lastly I plan to apply Photolemur in a batch mode to get my final archival product to share with my family.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my workplan. Should I choose Stabilize or Sharpen for the batch processing in Topaz Sharpen. I like the idea of Photolemur because of its one click batch approach.



Choose Auto Mode and Auto Settings.

Obviously, do a batch of ten and check that you are happy with the results before proceeding. I would use auto for Denoise AI as well.

Thank you both for your feedback. I will test with Auto in both Sharpen and DeNoise.

On a side note, since you mentioned it, curious what software you are using for your key-wording?

MS-Windows or MacOS?

I am using Zoner Photo Studio 17 on a Windows 10 desktop.

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