Notre Dame

Such tragic news today.

I searched Lightroom to see if I had any photos of the Cathedral, and this is all I could find.
I have no photos of the interior of the cathedral, which I saw on an earlier trip to Paris.
The cathedral is such a small part of these photos, I could not even get myself to work on processing the photos.

I hope that that I will inspire others to post better photos of what we have lost today.

I guess that we should not assume that anything will last forever and we should appreciate everything while we can…


1980 scanned from photo


Driven past it a few times but never stopped to explore so I have no images – only regrets as it’s on my bucket list.

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Beautiful work, @Mond, I especially like the monochromatic style

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Sorry to hear that @el48tel, you would have loved it.

This has made me think about trying harder to do the things on my bucket list sooner rather than later