Nothing happens

I downloaded pack of Topaz Studio, installed and when i wanna run it, nothing happens. I see it in Photoshop in “Filtr” but when i clicked this plugin nothing happens too, only something like “you use Topaz Studio plugin” and nothing more.

Anyone know how i can fix it?

It sounds like something might be blocking Topaz Studio from running, if you’re not getting a crash message and nothing shows up on your screen. Do you have any security software installed that has the ability to prevent specific applications from launching, automatically?

All my security software is off. When i wanna run Topaz Studio plugin from
Photoshop i see only “You use Topaz Studio plugin etc.” and when it
disappears nothing happens but when i wanna run Topaz Studio from destkop
us administrator i have to wait few seconds and i get error 0xc000001d. I
don’t know why, even updated all windows updates.

Vilan, it looks like you have a ticket in our support center. We’ll continue our conversation there.