Not your ordinary library

This grand old building is in the town of Ephesus and was told to be the town library. The massive size and the 2nd story was free standing. Used Remask, detail,texturizer, Photoshop.

The final copy I made the text smaller but uploaded wrong one.



Lovely result …

Nicely done …

impressive building and image

Thank you all very much.

I do not post much because I never feel my work is not good enough so very little posting. Now that there are no sharks in the water it is safe to go in and post other work. lol actually been following for years so I see your work and it is beautiful, stunning.

Forums are my inspiration and have noticed that doing the color by the numbers type and stayed within the lines. To me I decided that my work is good enough for family because rule of thirds, horizon lines, color matching rules I cannot remember in order to create a piece of work.

Then I decided that my abilities being limited in art gave me the liberty to play around and you will see by my next post that I am creating what I want with little regard for rules and the rules will take care of themselves and you can play… Anxious to post another of my work.

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Jerry, do not think your work is not good enough! This forum is the ideal place also to learn something from others and positive criticism is good. So keep on posting!

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Agree with Peter 100%… keep posting… your image was wonderfully processed.

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This is quite beautiful! Keep posting please!