Not work

when i open a pictoture topaz photo ai shot down

I’d like to get some more information to help troubleshoot the problem you are having.

Could you send us your computer’s full system profile?

Also if you can, please try to recreate this crash in Topaz Photo AI, then go to Help > Open Log Folder, please send me all of the files within that folder. You should be able to attach them directly as a response to this email.

You can securely submit your files(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.

Dropbox File Request

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Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort ich habe die Angaben an den Support von Topaz gesendet sie fanden heraus das es ein Prozesor Problem ist und das sie das Problem versuchen mit einem Update zu Lösen

Vielen Dank

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