Normal and Strong v2 Model Discussion

I thought the enhanced resolution would help because I am shooting with only 89 megapixels

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Check the Macro folder at Most all were enhanced? Same with all the other folders. The file was .jpg and I should raw on Olympus E500 then use OM Workspace and then export to .jpg then use Topaz.

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Always a good idea to try it! Can always turn it off if no value add. If it helps, it’s a great tool to have available.

I tend to use as few different types of adjustments as I can that let me achieve the look I want. My personal logic is the more I mess with my images the more potential to overwork them.

I don’t know if you watched Seinfeld on TV. But in one episode, George Costanza would leave a room whenever he was on a ‘high note’ (like if he got a good laugh to a joke at a mtg). I kinda like to quit playing around with my images when, they too, are on a high note. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s not a jumping spider, is it?

Nice macros. I really like an assortment of your animal photos too. And, the dog is gorgeous! I love that breed.

Photo AI would be the Topaz product for photography (vs their Video AI).

These products metioned at this link all seem like mobile apps for casual photo newbies (some with downloadable options). The examples they show of results don’t look as polished as Topaz’s is supposed to be. Topaz products used to be for more serious photographers. I can’t say who the current target market is. Sorry.

There seem to be very comparable website styles, graphics, product descriptions, ads for Topaz & Vance AI (in an integrated way) & Remini online. And, talk of a mobile app too wrt Vance AI & Remini.