Noise Removal / add Descreen

Hi Guys,
I love Photo AI, but I am often not satisfied with Remove Noise. It would be great to recognise and remove noise of old photos or video stills that have this “cloudy” noise artefacts. It would be also great to add a Descreen function to remove print halftone patterns.

Thanks. Best

Hi Carsten, thanks for your feedback – unfortuantely, Topaz Photo AI has only been trained to work with photographs from modern digital cameras, and has not been designed to work on film scans or scans of printwork. This may change in the future, but right now this is not a case that we intended our software to be compatible with.

The new Noise Removal Strong v2 (beta) option completely removes moire screening (due to scan of old photo with textured surface). The setting needs to be adjusted manually to final optimal removal point. It’s utterly amazing. No more Fast Fourier Tranforms!

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ok cool. will try this. its just often tooo smooth on the skins.

Hi Preston,

thanks for your reply.
Ok I understand. but what would be also awesome is to try to optimise hands as well. Very often the photos i enhance have terrible hands.
I know its the hardes for AI to fix them but there are new models out there that can fix that a way better.

Thanks and keep up the great work. love your software