Noise! = Lens Length?

Hi, did anyone else see the Topaz post on Facebook stating that ‘Photographing wildlife with a long lens introduces a lot of noise’? Russ.

You mean this one where the respondents dispute the premise?

Wildlife and long lens


Hi, Yes, I have never heard of the lens causing noise only distortion in cheaper lenses. Thankyou.

I’ve found the noise factor is more a function of wider aperture. For instance, shooting at f100 in bright light is a lot crisper than f800 or higher in lower light situations where things tend to get ‘noisy’. That being said, I’m sure the quality of your lens is certainly a factor in any case.

My guess is that what they meant was that shooting wildlife would typically be with a long to very long focal length lens. Which inevitably means a slower maximum aperture. Less light means more noise all things being equal. (afaik)