Noise Getting Added in Proteus

Hello, everyone! I’ve been upscaling some 1080p black and white clips that I have. I denoised them first using NeatVideo, and there is absolutely no noise left, maybe just some compression. Now, when I put the clips into VEAI, I use Proteus v2 and set the settings so:

Revert Compression: 35
Recover Details: 0
Sharpen: 0
Reduce Noise: 0
Dehalo: 0
AntiAlias/DeBlur: 60

I have reduce noise set to 0, because as I said before, there is no noise in the video. But when I upscale the 1080p clips to 4K, I see noise has been created? Why on earth would VEAI do this? Setting the reduce noise filter higher reduces this “created noise” but removes details, as it is inferior to NeatVideo. Anybody have a guess? Thanks!

There is an extra option to add noise if you want. You can disable it.

I already have this option turned off. This is what amazes me as to why there is still noise!

I know from my experience especially with the Gaia HQ that this one on some videos adds some sort of a static noise to the video indeed.

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That’s the best way to describe it. “Static” noise. Is there a solution?

Maybe try a different mode, maybe Artemies medium or high quality or the Proteus mode with various of options to fine tune the result. :slight_smile:

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Well, I don’t use Artemis, as Proteus looks more realistic. I’ll see what I can do with the settings. Thanks!