No Topaz software opens?

I usually have Adjust AI, Gigapixel and Mask AI installed. Until just recently (not sure when) I’ve had no issues with any of them, but for some reason none of them will open any more. The process appears in task manager but never loads up properly.

I’ve tried reinstalling, running in compatibility modes, updating GPU drivers, completely deleting every reference to Topaz in my registry and user data folders, even installing to a different hard-drive. Nothing has worked.

The only recent change I’ve made to my system is replacing a dead HDD with a new one, but that shouldn’t make the software completely stop working, right?

I don’t think system specs are super relevant, but here they are.


I appear to have a similar problem. I’ve just tried to open Topaz Adjust AI and it appears to do nothing. When I checked in Task Manager it appears to open a new instance each time I try to open it but goes no further. Did you get any response from support

Aye, I had a very long chat with support but ultimately they were unable to help me fix the problem I’m afraid. I just relegated myself to using Mask through a VM.

Strangely enough though I attempted to install it again a few days ago and now it is working again. Literally nothing major has changed on my system unless it really was a driver conflict and something released in the last few days fixed it.

So… Who knows, give it a month and it might just start working for you again.