No response from Topaz, No download key sent

At wit’s end. I made a purchase on the 8th and STILL no download keys and still no response from my Topaz inquiry into the matter. My CC HAS been charged, yet the order is still “processing”. Maybe someone from the company is checking messages here and will tell me what to do. I’m beginning to feel a little ripped off at this point, though I suspect that this might be due to inefficiency at Topaz. I know this probably is not the proper forum for this, but I just need to get someone’s attention.

There’s not enough information given…and a reply depends on it. What did you buy? If you purchased one of the regular plug-in’s from Topaz Labs…you might check your account with them. The license key required would be posted in your account.

If you purchased Adjustments for Topaz Studio (there are two different sites), they do not require a license key. They are activated by logging into their site, you must be online to sync. I believe if you click on Update from the Studio app, it may alert you that you need to log in.

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The order was stuck in processing, and I see your payment, so I pushed it through for you. We’re still working through a large backlog of requests, but we’re starting to catch up. Sorry for the delays!

With the completion of your order, you will be sent instructions for claiming the Simplify in Studio software. Please note, this will not provide you with a license key, because Topaz Studio, and all in Studio products do not accept license keys. These will soon become a thing of the past.

I tried to find a support request using your email address, but couldn’t find it to communicate the update there. What was your ticket number? I’d like to close that request, if this action solves your problem. Thanks!

Thanks for your response, Joe.
The number on my receipt is TS-10051525
Is that what you need?

That’s your order number, which I was able to see just fine. What I was not able to find, was this:

When you reach out to us for help, you’ll get a request/ticket/case/reference number. It looks like you implied you’ve sent us a message, but I’m not finding it. Where’d you send it? I’d really like to close the request out, since your issue has been resolved already. Thanks a bunch!

I sent a letter through the help link on your site. I always go through help channels first when trying to resolve issues with companies.
Thank you for your help.

Well, it looks like your request did not get submitted, because I can’t find your name, email, or any evidence in our support system that your ticket went through. That’s fine - I just wanted to make sure our other agent didn’t do double work on a problem that had already been solved. Have a nice day!

Joe, maybe it has to do with the browser they are using?
In the past when I used Safari my tickets did not get submitted and you said to try Google Chrome which did work.

Happy to say that since then_ Safari had an update and I can now see my Tickets again thru Safari.

I sent the request from my iPad. Not sure if that was the problem or not, but I absolutely did submit a request.

Anyways, I see that my order has been marked completed, which is great. Thank you. Can you please tell me how to download my plug-in now? I can’t find any active links to click in my account, and nothing was sent via email. I had Yahoo! do a Topaz Labs search of my email boxes, just in case I’d missed something. The only links (aside from this one) were ones with download keys from 2012. Sadly, those programs were lost in a major computer crash. One of the lost programs was Remask, which I really liked, and would gladly re-purchase if I could ever figure out your website.
Please tell me how to get my current download. I feel like I’ve really searched your website for it, but I’ve obviously missed something.
Thank you. I appreciate any help you can give me.

There are two accounts, depending on what you’re looking for.

All Topaz Studio information is here:

Topaz Studio My Account Page

This is where your recent order is found. The download is just Topaz Studio, for that order. You see, our new approach KILLS license keys. We don’t want customers using them, and everyone hates keeping track of them. So, we aren’t sending you any new keys for new purchases. Instead, you’ll login to the Topaz Studio application. Do you have Topaz Studio installed yet? If not, you’re going to need it. Please, head here:

Topaz Studio Download Page

Download and install Topaz Studio. Once Studio opens, login. You’ll then have access to the 6 following Adjustments, which comprise the Simplify in Studio product:

  • Abstraction (Paid Pro)
  • Quad Tone (Paid Pro)
  • Edges (Paid Pro)
  • Vignette (Free Pro)
  • Basic Adjustment (Free Pro)
  • Tone Curves (Free Pro)

When you install Studio, you’ll notice that you have access to many other Adjustment types, to help you edit. None of these items that have “Try Pro” or “Buy Pro” labels in them, will yield a license key when you buy them… None of the products that have been updated to “in Studio” will provide license keys, either.

The only products that are still using license keys, are those found on the following page:

Topaz Plugins Store

Only items purchased in this store will result in a license key being sent to you. In any case, those products will eventually be moved into the new system, and their license keys made obsolete as well.

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions about your purchase, I’ll be happy to assist.