No PP needed

Coquina Beach, Bradenton, Florida. I didn’t think that this photo needed any adjustments, just a nice beach scene. Actually I had a shower curtain made of this, so I go to the beach every morning (so to speak).


Nice shot. A little more detail in the sand might enhance it a little more but even as it is it’s a wonderful shot.


it is a nice shot with or without processing.

Very pretty setting and capture …

A lovely capture :slight_smile:

@fotoman has a valid point about the sand

Great, great capture. Referring to fotoman, if you went into PS - Enhance - Lighting and backed off the highlights would add more detail to the sand. . You could magic lasso the sand before and it would not effect the clouds.

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Very nice image, I particularly like the colors in the sky and water

Lovely shot, beautiful color and good detail on the grass. Adding detail to the sand, in my opinion would not lead your eye to the ocean and sky, which I figure is where you want the eye to be drawn. And which the grass frames.

Its a very nice image…simple and lovely. Good catch.

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