No more poo-pooing AI for me

For years I discounted that pixels could be interpolated realistically using modern AI.

I am now happy to be proven wrong :slight_smile:

Today I began using my new purchase, Photo AI, as the major software to create this interpolated work of art:

My world will never be the same.


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Our program is getting better and better with each update, and soon the picture you uploaded will be able to recovered to your standard. Try upscaling to enhance the resolution of the entire image.

Thanks but my goal was to only have 2 peoples faces in focus on a 1920x1080 image which I think I have achieved. I actually had to blur all the other faces too, some more than others.

When I want a bigger image of this to print for my wall, I will upscale.

Any thoughts being given for a feature that lets you blur areas while you interpolate other areas?

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Not in the immediate future but we could explore this functionality.

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Adding blur should be done in a photo editing tool; that’s an artistic choice you are welcome to make, but not part of a photo recovery/upscaling tool IMO. It would be a waste of engineering effort by Topaz labs to do so.

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That’s essentially our reasoning for not having done it thus far.

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Good to hear it. :raised_hands:

The “secret” to having a great product is to be relentlessly focused on the things that make it special, and not to dilute it by doing everything everyone asks for. Otherwise, you end up with HCS (Homer’s Car Syndrome). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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