No masking applied - both Gigapixel and Photo Ai chose to see it as a mask

Channel created to be able to select a portion of image and left it in the Tiff image.
Both programs used it as a mask.

If not a bug - I can work around it - minor irritation because I did not know it would - I will simply save a version without any extra channels.

You need to further explain what you are talking about and what the problem is.

Image is RGB

I made a Channel so I could make a mask for altering the look if item - apply curve to just the selected part on the image.

Look at channels - you will see one that shows the all three channels. I have one extra under the RGB and I do not have it with an eye - live so I could see it on the image.

The extra channel acts like I had put it over the top of the image and made it into a mask. I did not apply it as a mask.

If this is simply a word salad I will put up jpgs to show next time

What did you create the channel with, how are you using the Topaz apps … as standalone or plug-in? And if plug-in what application are you using to call the apps.

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Can you also include a screenshot of the Channels Panel you refer to? As well as a snip showing how your image is being treated… in addn. to the answers to Don’s questions.

Screenshots show

  • Inside PSD showing Channels
  • Using stand alone apps or Gigapixel and Photo AI
  • Showing it work in Photoshop

See specifics written directly on the screenshots

Inside Photoshop it seems to work –
I do not have the choice to make a new layer with the changes –
it replaces the one I am working on - would like the option.

Specific to my Gigapixel - but suspect it applies to all
Installing the plug-ins
I did the install plug-in of Gigapixel using the help → install instructions
I got a folder that points to the plug-in but it does not show -
FOlder goes in the various versions of PSD that I have but – does not work.

I suspect the reason is
I did not say ok when first installed to give permission to use in MacOS - clicked a button before reading when originally installing…

How do I fix?
I cannot find where/how to update permissions.

Hope this works for you as it ate my morning…

I just realized I spent all this time to answer other Beta testers
I hope this makes a difference to the devs.

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Hey Kent,

Thanks for sharing this information. Topaz Photo AI is reading the alpha channel when it should be ignoring it and displaying the full image.

Please send me the psd file and the tif file so I can share this with my team and we can look into a solution.

Dropbox File Request

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PSD file will not be seen as available.
I reduced the size of the file simply to make it easier to see the issue without the overhead.
I did check the tif file in Photo Ai and it does the same thing so you are simply getting a lower res cropped version of the photo.
If you need all the extra data I can give but doubt you will need.

Thanks for sending the file over. I just tested and saw the same issue as you. We read the alpha channel applied in Photoshop and it’s making the rest of the image transparent.

Photoshop is ignoring the mask when sending the plugin image.

I made a task for my team to look into the alpha channel issue. We cannot ignore the alpha channel or transparency will no longer work in Topaz Photo AI. However, we may have a different solution.

For now, I would recommend avoiding the alpha channel in Photoshop unless you are trying to mask out parts of the image.

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Using inside photoshop via plug in it is not an issue.

The other can simply be a known issue with solution being to use plug in or remove any mask channels on a tiff file.

Any other format I believe the alpha channel would be stripped so only tif files would be affected.
PSD files would but the stand alone does not recognize them.

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve done other beta or pre-release and never heard anything.