No good operation in Ryzen7700+RX7900XT

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    I have 2 PC , i5-12600k+RTX3070 and Ryzen7-7700+RX7900XT.
    After or during long GPU encording, PC re-start suddenly or fleeze (blue screen) in AMD machine.
    Intel machine is no problem.
    why only AMD machine?
    While AMD machine encording , CPU and GPU were NOT high temperature.
    cpu: 60-70degree , gpu: 50-60 degree.

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    gpu:RX7900XT Phantomgaming , Asrock
    MB:B650 Livemixer , Asrock
    memory:DDR5-4800 16GBx2 , A-data

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    No log due to suddenlu re-start or system fleeze.

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I think this is normal for 7900xt. May be AMD will release firmware update later to fix the problem.
You can read the review here.

:face_with_peeking_eye: oh my god. Maybe its realy broken? I hope they fix it for the Pro GPU release.

Thank you for your information.
Oh my god!
what a sad news…

It was solved.rootcause was “memory initial failure”.
So , RX7900XT is no problem^^

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