No Glasses Option

Just as we now have a Preserve Text option, we need a No Glasses option.

FYI, he was not wearing half a pair of modern glasses.

Lol, good, it’s not just me :slight_smile: I see the same thing with an old photo. It looks like they eye that gets the glass(es) is a little darker due to shadows and this gets turned into half an eye glass…

I can’t quite sort out how to send just this picture to the Topaz data set (I don’t want to export/upload all my photos - maybe a “upload this” button would be a nice addition (with a comment about it also maybe?)

I don’t think TPAI is designed to upscale such low resolution image.

At such low resolution, it require using stable diffusion to regenerate the detail back.


I fully agree: developments should be concentrated on these things and not on things already present, and well, in other image editing software

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Correct, the AI models rely on existing image data so if the original lacks detail or is too low resolution, the program will struggle as well. That seems to be what’s happening here.

I agree but I think that artificial intelligence should also be, and can be, helped: this is exactly what this post asks for, that is, telling AI whether you want glasses or not. Among other things, apart from the ghost glasses, the face recovery is remarkable even if the image is low resolution

The image on the right is very fascinating: could you tell us what tools and how you obtained it? Thanks

You may refer to this post

After process the image with above software, I futher improve the eyes with Stable Diffusion.