No Desktop Shield Icon & No Auto Mode Selector Button

DAI 3.0.0 commercial release. Mar 22, 2021.

Used full Win (10) installer.

Installed after uninstalling previous commercial release.

Using CPU as processor.

Mentioned both issues previously … see snips from current product just downloaded in past 15 minutes:


Also, no Blue Processing Status Bar when saving an image after selecting a mode:

The blue processing bar in the right hand column is showing the progress of batch processing. After each image is completed the bar will be partially filled, and completely filled on completion of the full batch (or, if only one image is being processed, when it’s completed):

I also see individual processing bars in the main window while processing from Comparison view:

Hi Paul!

I’m pointing out the bug wrt processing an individual image.

Used to be, for most Topaz products, the blue bar would proceed - under the word “Processing” - to give users a sense of where (% wise) the processing was for that image. You’d know how much more processing time it would take - relatively.

Now it’s nebulous b/c there’s no blue status bar movement b/c that bar is now missing that had been there in the past.

It’s a bug that the code to show that disappeared…

My second screenshot is showing what I see when I process a single image - complete with blue progress bar.

You’re on a Win 10 system too, right?

I’m not seeing in the standalone or the plugin. Though after initial install & launch of standalone I always use the Ps plugin. I’ll run again in about an hour - to verify it didn’t just need a day to ‘settle in’.

Out of curiosity, did you get a green shield desktop icon for DAI? I keep thinking it’s trash to clean off my desktop with the wht pc of paper w/turned corner icon…

This is so odd. B/c I didn’t see either of these things in at least the last 2 non-commercial runs either. It’s not a matter of the code builds incrementally on previous installations, is it? So if I uninstall I’m removing some code hint of how things are supposed to work…

Yes, that’s right.

Since I first posted I also tried the plug-in - I don’t see it there but I do in standalone.


I just tried again, in case I’d goofed somehow…

I see the Blue Status Bar after the processing of the single image completes in the Standalone version:

I still don’t see any Blue Status Bar in the (Ps) plugin. Plus, when my monochrome image is returned to the Ps layer stack (after DAI processing) there’s a distinct cyan color cast to many of the edges (I hadn’t tested mono images previously …):

Still no PC (Win 10) desktop green shield icon for me today. Even though the installed program had a nite to rest up after its install yesterday afternoon.

In my screenshot you can see the blue status bar at the top - it’s about halfway across. Your screenshot says the processing only took 1 second so it’s not really surprising that you didn’t see the bar move across.

I’m not gonna complain about too speedy. That’s for sure!!! :wink:

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But the test images I used yesterday were taking considerably more than 1 sec. and I didn’t see the blue processing status bar for them either. They were higher res, full-color, landscape images (with skies that seemed noisy - even though not night - and needed cleanup).

There are distinct Cyan and Red blotches all over the image. A persisting issue I wish got resolved once and for all. Not unique to this version…

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  • Mar. 23 @ 2:15pm PDT - Uninstalled DAI 3.0.0 from Win 10 PC.

  • Downloaded/installed DAI 3.0.1 Full Win Installer (from Topaz Downloads page).

  • Green DAI shield now shows up on PC desktop.

  • Blue Processing Status Bar - shows up after completion of save/processing in the Standalone.

  • No Blue Processing Status Bar appears in the Ps Plugin - I made this snip at b/wn 15-20 secs into the processing after hitting Apply (in the plugin):

  • For BW/mono image test - still getting Cyan Fringing & color cast after DAI processing (using Low Lite) that didn’t appear before processing:



Thx guys at Topaz for the updated version to help with the shield!

Perhaps DAI has Bayer Envy!

That’s a thing, isn’t it?!?

BTW, I do see the reds, too, now that you mention it …