No audio in output file

There is no audio in output file. Does not matter if the input is mpg or avi, the problem remains. Initially there was audio, but it started to be intermittent audio, then fizzled out to no audio.
How do we resolve this? I have the latest version of Topaz. In addition, yesterday, right after I ran a Topaz video upscale, there was no audio in the output, and additionally in the laptop the volume control button got muted spontaneously, then had to update audio drivers to get back the audio in laptop. Is this topaz compatible with Nvidia, which is what I had to update yesterday to get back the laptop audio.


Yes, Video AI is compatible with Nvidia drivers. The app does not play audio inside of it nor does it play any audio when previewing a file. When the video file is done being processed and exported there should be audio with it, unless you select “none” on the audio mode in the export settings. I would recommend opening a support ticket and send the logs from the app and your system profile for the team to review and see what is going on.