No AI Stand Alone Apps Work

There is not a single AI stand alone app that works for me. The results of all of them look terrible. This is the first time I have ever had problems with Topaz since its inception. I will continue to use Studio with all that is inside of it. But I simply cannot use the Stand Alones.

Hi Jack,

What file type are you typically processing? JPG, RAW (brand), image size?

I’ve been able to get good results using DeNoiseAI and SharpenAI, but my cameras are older with only 16MP or 6MP RAW.

I continue to be curious about how the vast diversity of image files in addition to the huge variation in image content and quality will be handled. Seems like it would be really hard to train AI’s with such broad inputs. And there’s also the issue of the subjective nature of deciding what images ought to look like that are used as the targets of the AI training.

Best regards

Note: all of the AI apps that I can use as a Photoshop plug-in work fine. With Adjust AI, I do better not using presets. Lowering the Opacity is essential. I like being able to use all of advantages of Layers in PSCC.