Nikon Z8 files are corrupting

Nikon Z8 files are getting corrupted.
No way to contact support!!!


You can contact support by raising a request at the main website… There should be a ? In a blue circle, :large_blue_circle: click on that.

It should appear on every page like this:

I also have this issue when trying to open raw files from the Z8 in Topaz AI.

Hi all, the Z8 is not supported within Topaz Photo AI quite yet – we will need to wait for the team at LibRAW to update their RAW library before we can add this to our program.

So Topaz won’t support the Z8 RAW files also, not just the HEIF files?

Same issue here, be great to have this when it’s ready.

New camera so understandable.

The Z8 and Z9 HE* files are now supported in Topaz Photo AI starting with v1.4.0.

All versions after will support this camera NEF file.

Thanks Lingyu,

When I export these from Photo AI as DNG and add into Capture One Pro 23 (16.2.2), the image displays as almost completely red.

I think the magenta of the colour temp is set to max which is causing the issue.

In Adobe Camera Raw, it looks like the magenta slider is moved all the way across:

Davinci Resolve seems to load the image correctly:

I had a few reports of this and made a task for my team to fix it.

They will be working on it soon as we were able to reproduce. For now, I would recommend converting the Raw to a TIF for processing in Topaz Photo AI.

You can do this in the Edit with > Process with Topaz Photo AI popup to select file format.

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