Nikon RAW ext NWR- Topaz Studio

Topaz Studio opens some RAW files, but not NWR. It does open but the photo is rose color and with lines…not a true photo. Anyway to to add a codex for this extension?
Thank you

Have you given us the correct extension? This is not a recognised photo file format. What is the camera type?

Yes the NRW file extension is similar to the NEF file format, but NRW files can support Windows Imaging Component functions. But … unfortunately the .NRW file extension is also used for Nero CD-ROM (WMA) compilation files.

Your best option is to raise a support request at the link above and see what they say, in the meantime use .NEF if your camera supports.

Thank you. It is a Nikon Bridge and only has JPG or RAW in NWR. I was just hoping. I can open in PhotoShop

what do i have to do that Topaz is reading NEF from my Nikon D850?

What Topaz Product/Version are you using?

Studio v1.9.3 seems to open .NEF from the D850 OK?