Newest Version 1.3 will not install

I received and email that there was an update for Photo AI to v1.3. I downloaded it and attempted to install but it just finishes immediately and says it ended prematurely because of an error? I tried this with the downloaded msi file as well as from within the application both times it fails? And I have no way of knowing why it is failing?

Hi @albiemanmike, was the .msi file one that you grabbed directly from our Topaz Labs Download Page or was it from another place?

If it’s showing an error using the download from our Topaz Labs Download Page can you upload a screenshot of the error you’re seeing?

It was the MSI file that I downloaded directly from the Link that your company sent to my inbox. This has happened in the past as well? But strangely enough I just went to the MSI file and ran it to get the information you requested and it is now running and installing without issue? Very odd behavior indeed. I am an IT guy during the day and this is something I have never seen before?

That is very strange, I know other users have had some similar behaviors using the email download links we send out but I don’t think we’ve gotten to the bottom of what causes the email downloads to become corrupted quite yet.

For the time being, if you ever run into this in the future, downloading a new copy directly from our Downloads Page should let you get a fresh start :smiley:

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