Newest Topaz Denoise AI desaturates colors

Hi Topazlabs,

The latest version of Denoise AI desaturates the colors in an image. No matter what setting, it does this. This completely changes the image. Sharpen AI does not do this, and I haven’t seen it in the previous version (I would if it were).

I consider this a major issue, it makes Denoise AI worthless to me at the moment. Is this a known bug?

kind regards, Frank!


If possible could you upload a before image and a denoise image for us? That way we can take a look at what you are seeing and is occurring.

@adam.mains you’ll be interested in this.

@russelltarpley Of course! I tried to do that when I wrote the topic, but was not allowed to upload?
I’ve attached a Dropbox transfer here. It is a zipfile with 3 images, one original rendered by DxO, the DxO render after Sharpen AI, and the DxO render after Denoise AI. Hope it helps!

kind regards, Frank

Hi Andy, I read your response in my email. Why did you retract it, was your answer not acurate?

kind regards, Frank

Hi Frank

I thought I’d managed to find a reliable workaround but further testing showed I hadn’t.

In some of my images, the red channel seems to being desaturated. At first I thought it was a colour profile issue but I’m not so certain now.

I have found that if I use the standalone DeNoise AI and use the Save As menu AND change the colour profile to something else, this happens:

Sometimes the image is not desaturated
The colour profile in the image NEVER changes.

For example, most of my photos have the ProPhoto RGB profile. If, when I save i DeNoise AI, I tell it to convert to sRGB, then on occasion (but not every time) the colours look OK. The image always always retains the ProPhoto RGB profile.

The desaturation only happens when the DeNoise AI engine is used. The AI Clear engine seems ok. I don’t know if the profile issues occur when using the AI Clear engine…

So, this could be a colour profile problem… But it might not be.

Russelltarpley, Here is another example of what I think frank-7127 is getting with his images. I get the same thing. The first image is a RAW image and the second is the same image after processing with DeNoise AI.

Here is my work-around. Click to see the entire image.

Yes I agree - and colours bleed - see separate topic I began.

@ Terryleemartin, no that’s not what I meant. To me the image remained vibrant, only some colors, I think red mainly, were desaturated. A bright orange duck beak became a pale yellow, while the rest stayed vibrant.

In any case, my issue was resolved in later versions, I do not have this issue anymore.

regards, Frank

The same thing is happening to me. Denoise was working well. I did NOT do an update but now ALL photos become partially desaturated.

SAME! I was using DeNoise with no problem and I did NOT do a software update but now DeNoise is desaturating any time I use it. It can’t be used at all now! I hope there is a solution soon!

Ready2Cruise, My issue was more then a year ago and was wiht one update at that time. It was fixed in later updates. If you experience this now, I would say it’s best to open a separate topic on this to report it, and attach some examples.

regards, Frank

I’m not seeing that here on images that have predominately luminance noise, however if an image has significant chromatic noise, then there is some apparent desaturation, but then I would expect that.