Newest AI updates and 6th Gen Intel & higher CPUs being majored on?

Hi all

I wish to start a new topic on this because having read a few post threads along the lines of 5th Gen Intel CPU and earlier apparently giving rise to issues with both Gigapixel AI & Sharpen AI…I did not wish my query to get lost in those threads.

My CPU is a 1st Gen Intel i5 Quad Core (the i5 760 @ 2.80Ghz (4CPU) and so far still running Sharpen AI version 1.3.0 and Gigapixel AI version 4.1.2 all seems well but if I upgrade/update to the latest ones respectively (1.4.0 & 4.4.0) can I expect both will run ‘out of the box’ without issues??? NB I normally have, every time/each time, up until now used the in program updater and not an overlay install by downloading the installer a fresh.

TIA for the insights and advice especially for anyone using the same i5 CPU as me :wink:

Are you using your CPU for processing since you don’t mention a Graphics processor? I have updated the Topaz software many times using the app updater and only had one problem. Uninstalling and then a fresh install fixed it. I think Sharpen will run faster in the new version (1.4.0) with an intel Open VINO optimization. A test of my AMD Ryzen CPU yielded 4 min 34 sec for focus with VINO off and 1min 44 sec with it on. The file was 3456 x 4608 px.


Sorry should have said.

I have an nVidia GTX1050Ti 4GB

When I started using Gigapixel I had a below min spec GPU so was using CPU. Once I got the 1050Ti and used GPU processing I saw an immediate improvement in Gigapixel processing times.

I know nothing of or about Intel Open VINO optimisation, do does my 1st Gen CPU have that VINO on/off function?

Does this extra info throw any light on your insight & feedback?

Go here for the change log info. The VINO function if in the app but you have to try it to see if it will work, look under preferences.

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No need to choose the CPU option if you are getting good results with your GPU. AMD CPUs are not affected or improved by OpenVINO, as it is an only Intel option, and only for 5th gen CPUs.

But the general CPU processing has also been improved.

There are approximately 10 5th gen core I5s so you will need to check your version on the Intel web site but, in your case, I don’t expect it will be faster than your 1050Ti.

Hi Don & Artisan-West

Thanks for the replies and insights…in regard to it being a Preferences Setting matter.

FWIW as noted in my OP I have checked my i5 variant and it is a 1st Gen, so very old compared to recent/current Generation(s).

Based on what you have both said can I surmise that by upgrading (via in program updates) I should be AOK and this surmise is based that on update and starting the programs, the default Preference Setting for “Enable Intel OpenVino” is NO not YES???

TIA :slight_smile:

It should be fine and I just checked the Update mechanism from the Help menu, or Automatic, and it seems to be working OK. The previous installer issues seem to have been solved.

Don, I tested the intel VINO setting on my Ryzen 5 2600X CPU and it increased the speed by 2.64 times (104 seconds vs 274 seconds) so it will work on AMD processors (at least on Ryzen). However, if someone has a good GPU it is the best choice.

My suspicion is that it is just improved CPU processing as this is the response from Development:

“We are looking at working with both Nvidia and AMD to see if we can similarly enhance application performance with their gpu’s”

OpenVINO has been built for Intel CPU instructions set but if your AMD CPU supports SSE2/3 it might work but the real showstopper is the Intel Math Kernel Library where MKL optimizes the code and might try to run SSE4 code on processors (like AMD or older Intel processors) that do not support SSE4 and the programs would malfunction or possibly crash.

You may want to check with development as to if there is any support for AMD CPUs for the OpenVINO they have chosen to use. As I believe, if the code is restricted to SSE2 it would certainly work and some later AMD CPUs support SSE3 also.

Sorry it is technical rubbish but SSE4 is a SIMD CPU instruction set used in the Intel Core microarchitecture and AMD K10.

@AiDon I don’t really know what the SSE instruction sets are, but I found a post from 2006 “ALL Dual Core AMD’s support SSE3” . So assuming that was carried forward, AMD CPUs should have it and maybe SSE4. All I know is the Ryzen 5 series runs much faster with VINO turned on (if not using the GPU). I’m using my GPU so it really doesn’t matter to me, just wanted to test it.

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I have the 6th Gen Intel CPU, but the OpenVINO option in preference is greyed out.

Anybody know how to enable it?

Additionally I have installed OpenVINO toolkit too.
Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i5-6260U CPU @ 1.80GHz (4 CPUs), ~1.8GHz
GPU: Intel(R) Iris(R) Graphics 540

I reinstalled the application and clicked ‘reset’ in preference enabled OpenVINO option. Thanks