Newbie needs help using Remask and Glow together

This is my first post so I hope my question is in the right place. I have a picture of a lion that I want to put into Glow in order to use the neon filters. I do not want the background, just the lion, so I was trying to use Remask to remove the background before using Glow.

After using Remask, I send the lion to Glow, but the entire image goes. When it comes back from Glow, the mask doesn’t look very good because it chops off some of the neon lines that Glow added. I can’t imagine sending the image to Glow first and then trying to create the mask so I haven’t tried that yet.

How do you suggest I approach this? Is there a way to create a cut-out of the lion from the mask before sending to Glow? Should I try using Remask after Glow?

I’m open to all advice and suggestions. I’ve only had the products for about a week and I’ve tried watching a number of Remask and Glow videos on YouTube, which definitely helps, but I haven’t seen one yet that fits my situation and I’m sort of floundering about.

Thank you!

You appear to want to replace the background with something different so I’d do thst first then apply Glow, you can then mask out the Glow effect where it is not needed.

You don’t say how you are using Glow and Remask, standalone or as plugins. I tend to use them in Photoshop. Open your image in Photoshop. Use Remask to remove the background. You should now have two layers in photoshop. Your original image and the Remask layer above it. The Remask layer will have your lion with a clear background. You can delete the background layer at this point. Now run Glow.

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Hello Mond. Actually, I don’t want any background - just the lion. I want to use it for a t-shirt design.

OK, then perhaps replace the background with all white or black before applying Glow or just leave it as transparent. You might need to clean up the edges after ReMask and before running Glow.

I am using both Glow and Remask as plugins in Photoshop Elements 15. So you know how I said the YouTube videos were helpful? Well, they can also get newbies in trouble. Somewhere along the way, I watched a video where the guy added a layer mask to the background before sending the background into Remask. In that case, what came back from Remask was the layer with a lion mask - not a lion cutout. That’s why in my original question, I was asking if there was a way to create a cut-out of the lion from the mask before sending to Glow.

I just followed your instructions and got exactly what I wanted - the lion cut out. Guess I was making it harder than it is. I’m always grateful for the patience shown to new people in forums like this. Thanks for your help - and you too Mond!



Thank you Mond. I think I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. Please see my reply to mhardisty.