New version 1.4.0 Hangs when processing

Topaz Photo AI new version 1.4.0 Hangs when processing. 4 minutes and still not procesed !


Mine is doing the same thing. In Photoshop it hangs but not as a stand alone, outside of Photoshop.
Just started doing it on 1.4.0 upgrade.
Don Crosswhite

Same I forgot to mention I was using the filter in PS

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Also noted there is not a link in the stand alone for PS under help to install.

Resolved with the fix by going to preferences in Topaz in left hand top corner and to Autopilot scroll down to Upscale and set it to NONE. Thank you!

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Please post under the correct category.

That is hardly a fix if upscale is required…

Upscale was turned on by default. You have to turn that off in PS. Annoying.

Topaz Photo AI just hangs ???Day two trying to get this product to work?

If this is not related to using the app as a PS plugin, please open a support ticket.

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