New user - Impressed so far with V2.4

Hello community,

With just a few days under my belt I thought a quick first impression might be appropriate. I am a Nikon shooter.

Having no experience with a version “before” 2.4 is likely to my advantage. I quickly disabled “Autopilot” (a suggestion noted on another photo site) and am using the “manual” workflow. Affinity Photo 2 is my main editor and the plugin seems to work very well (after rasterizing the developed RAW file). I could get pretty good results with Affinity but much faster results are realized with the addition of Topaz into my work flow.

I see a lot of traffic on the “new” UI and understand change can be hard, this is a perspective from someone that never saw the old UI.

I look forward to learning from the forum and providing help if I can

Here is an minimal RAW file before Topaz AI2 and small edits in Affinity

Here is after

All the best - Bill


Thanks for the feedback about the app :slight_smile:

We have updated our Topaz Labs Documentation page with some helpful information to help users familiarize themselves with the new workflow that I will link below.

Topaz Photo AI | Quick Start | App Basics

We appreciate any further feedback or comments about the current v2.4.0, and I would love to share them with our developers. This can give us more insight into what Topaz Photo AI is needed for and, ultimately, what direction we need to take to fulfill the needs of our users.