New User - Basic Workflow


I just upgraded to Video Enhance AI v2.3.0 and I’m trying to understand the basic workflow.

I have some older 480p footage that I’d like to enhance, not necessarily to 4k or anything like that but just want to make it look better and a little larger, something like 200% of the original is good enough.

I don’t know the basic workflow. It was suggested to me to do this:

  1. Denoise
  2. AI enhance
  3. AI interpolate

That sounds like the way to go, but being a novice user I’m not sure if that is indeed the workflow for Topaz Video Enhance AI or is there a proper way to do it with this software?

I saw that I can denoise, and AI enhance but I didn’t see an option to interpolate. I’m not even sure what that does.

Looking for some advice on a basic workflow and any feedback is appreciated.


These three steps sound strange to me too. Most processing modes of VideoEnhance reduce or remove noise and compression artifacts anyway. For a first attempt maybe try the Artemies low or medium mode on your video and give it a go. If you want to fine tune some settings the new Proteus mode may be interesting. :slight_smile:


Okay, thank you, that sounds good. I really wasn’t sure if there was a standard workflow for the software. I’ve been reading and it seems like people use other software in conjunction with Video Enhance but that’s a bit advanced for me. What I’ll do is try different settings on the same piece of footage and see the difference. I’ll have to chop the video to a shorter length, I was trying different settings but it was taking approximately 1.5 hours for 20 minutes of video.

Thank you for the reply!

VideoEnhance offers a preview mode. Just select the start and end frame and press the preview button. There is also an option for multiple previews at once to compare them easier. :slight_smile:

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