New update crashes anything I try and run in PhotoAI

My photo AI just keeps crashing. I have a dual GPU system with an a4000 and an a6000. IN the options the a6000 is selected. All I’m doing is a photo uprez and it crashes even in the preview. It’s crashed 20 times now, so I’m unsure of the issue.

NVidia driver Production Branch 536.25

I had the exact same issue here with an A4000. I had recently installed the latest version of Photo AI and upgraded to the production branch of 536.25, so I wasn’t sure what the issues was. Production branch 536.67 AND New Feature Branch 531.41 resulted in the same issue. I downgraded to an old production branch copy I had laying around, version 517.40 and the issue is resolved. I recommend downgrading if you can. Some other threads in the forum also recommending changing the AI Processor to CPU in preferences, but I chose to go the driver route. Hope this helps!