New update 1.2.0 Photo AI and Lightroom

I saw The Dave Kelly video this morning on my laptop and downloaded the new version Photo AI 1.2.0 and it worked just as in the video. Later I downloaded the update on my desk top and that goes right into Photo AI withOUT offering my a chance to send it to Photo AI as a copy thus preserving my original RAW file as Dave suggest. My laptop has Windows 11 and the desktop is Windows 10. Both machines have the same Adobe subscription with up to date Lightroom and Photoshop installed.

I have the same issue, even though my laptop runs Windows 11. In fact changes are made to the original raw file. I also get this message from Lightroom:
“Failed to import processed photo
Processed photo may be from an unsupported camera or malformatted file”
My camera is a Nikon D500 which I´m sure is supported.
Any ideas on how to fix this?

I have a Nikon Z6ii and have used it with Photo AI prior and all ran smooth as expected.

Same problem. AI made a beautiful edit from Lr Classic and now it’s gone. Frustrating.

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