New UI (v2.4.0) is less intuitive than before

Sorry to post a bit of critical feedback, but I actually feel like the new UI is less intuitive: you cannot see multiple control groups at once if you wanted to. The new pop-out takes up image real estate when adjusting. Also, you can no longer toggle effects on or off, so you have to remove them from the chain and then add them back in. Adding them back will reset the control values. I believe it would be greatly improved if you went back to the previous design, and just tightened up the spacing a bit.


I fully agree!
This UI is a big step in the wrong direction.


Yes, this is a TERRIBLE “upgrade”. I find it unusable and will have to downgrade.

We appreciate the feedback from our users and take it into consideration during future updates.

I’d like to share that we have updated our Topaz Labs Documentation page with some helpful information to help users familiarize themselves with the new workflow that I will link below.

Topaz Photo AI | Quick Start | App Basics

Topaz Photo AI | Selection

Topaz Photo AI | Workflow Tutorials