New Topaz Video AI v3.1.5 upgrade (does it retain 'Compare View')

Howdy and good morning from colourful Colorado!
I’ve been quite happy with my purchase some time ago of my Topaz Video AI and have used it regularly. I was just kinda automatically upgrading the software as upgrades were released. BUT, the last time I upgraded, the update REMOVED the option of ‘Compare View’, a feature I really appreciate. SO, I had to uninstall/reinstall to retrieve my ‘Compare View’ and get it back up and working.
BIG question; Does this new ‘upgrade’ also remove the option of ‘Compare View’?? If so, I will once again have to pass on the ‘upgrade’.


You can read the release notes in the first page of the release thread.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I looked at the release thread and didn’t notice any mention regarding compare view…all I was hoping for was a simple Yes/No answer to my query.
But thanks anyway…

The v3 version never made a comparison view similar to v2, if you looked at the “Idea” category you’d find votes about it.

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Sadly no, so like me I suspect you are stuck with the abandoned v. 2.6.4, which pretty much did and does all that I want as well as I want.

Topaz wil have to pull their socks up a lot, if they want the likes of me and you to upgrade. Releasing unfinished buggy software that drops previously very useful (some will say essential) features like this in exchange for some extra bells and whistles often available in other software is appalling and my patience is slowly draining away

There’s so much to do with Topaz that even the preview had a lot of complaints. Comparison view won’t be done anytime soon.