New Topaz AI tool suggestion; DeBand AI

Something that a lot of users shooting under artificial light appear to be suffering from is banding, caused by poorly chosen shutter speeds, and the scanning rate of (usually fully electronic) shutter interacting with the flicker frequency of the LED and/or fluorescent lighting to cause regularly spaced but diffuse intensity fluctuations down the image.

Since it’s a regular standing pattern it feels like it should be something that’s easy to solve via AI? It’s very difficult to solve in Photoshop manually. So if you could automate a fix for it, I’m sure it would sell well, particularly to wedding photographers?

Example links:

This problem is only seen when using electronic shutters and is prevalent in mirrorless cameras. The best solution is to switch to the mechanical shutters on your camera.

I am not aware of other camera maker models but Sony has an anti-flicker shooting mode which eliminates the problem even when using the electronic shutters … usually for shooting with a silent shutter.

Thank you for your reply @AiDon. FWIW shooting at a reciprocal of the mains frequency also helps mitigate the issue somewhat.

I was just suggesting a potential product idea that seemed both relatively easy to implement, and potentially useful. Removing the pattern in Photoshop is difficult, and the regular sinusoidal nature of the pattern feels like it should be easy to characterise and remove in software.

I see quite a lot of posts about the issue in the mirrorless forums, and occasionally in the dSLR forums too. One poor soul shot a wedding and didn’t notice the banding until they were processing the images the next day…

You are right because many people forget that flourescent and LED lights flicker because of the frequencies of the electrical grid.

Not saying it isn’t a good idea but just that some cameras have a solution which, of course, relies on it being activated. :slight_smile: