New to Topaz - Looking for Best Practices regarding clips in a sequence

I am trying to figure out the best way to do something and I’m not “Getting it”. I am new to Topaz Video AI but been a Topaz customer for over a decade :slight_smile: Let’s say I have 1 big raw footage video. And I need to chop it up into clips. And for 1 of those clips, I want it super slow mo and smooth (and let’s say Warp Stabilizer isn’t an option). What is the best practice to slow down just that 1 clip but not the rest of the raw footage video? Does someone have a video or something that can help me? I would think this is an extremely common thing to want to do . Thanks for any help.

TVAI is more of a video enhancing tool to be used with other video editing tools.
If you’re just using TVAI, you need to think of it in separate clips. Clip 1: the section before the slow motion. Clip 2: the slow motion. Clip 3: what’s left.
You will then need to join the clips. TVAI does not include functionality for that. I’ve been using simple free tools to join my clips, but there is always a sound gap because I don’t re-encode. Other better editing tools should give cleaner results.

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Thank you - in your example, are you saying that I should isolate Clip 2 (slo mo), and bring that into TVAI? Or… take Clip1, 2, 3, join them together and bring that 1 clip into TVAI to smooth out?

In TVAI you can isolate clip 2 and make it slow motion with the trim function.