New Studio update a disaster

When I checked for updates on Studio, it said that updates were available. I went to the help section on the website and explained in detail what I had been through on both my desktop and my laptop, both running Mac High Sierra. However that entire submission crashed and was omitted. I am too exhausted to try to go through that entire long explanation of everything that I tried, including reinstalling Studio from the website. The long and the short of it is that I no longer have Studio on my computers, nor am I able to install it. Please warn people, don’t do the update until Topaz has fixed this problem!!!

PS - I was finally was able to install the RV 1.11.8. Now when, I check for updates, it says that no updates are available.

I use a mac (desktop) with High Sierra and both the beta version and PR version are running fine with the current updates.

John - what happened was that Topaz rolled out an update. I was one of those who tried to update. That’s when I had all of my problems. Because Mac users were having problems, Topaz rolled it back to what it was before the update. If I could take this post down, I would. Right now, I am running exactly what you are with no issues.

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We’ve reuploaded the 1.12 update. Sorry for the trouble, but we were able to correct things within a day or two. Closing this thread.

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