New sharpeinng / noise progress indicator - hate it

Haet the new progress indicator, its not very clear and for someone like me with partial colour blindness its difficult to see progress. If you insist on the backward stem please show some clearer indicatio each element has been completed, like turning GREEN

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Thanks for your feedback. We’ll brainstorm some ways to make it more clear and accessible.

Why don’t you put the progress bar / circle next to the element that is being processed. Then turn the whole element background Green to indicate completion.

Hope that makes sense.

If not give me a call.

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I took out your phone and email address as this is a public forum. If you want you can contact support using

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That makes sense.


Where do I send my Invoice for Technical advice…lol

Happy to provide independent support

Barry West


Please submit a support ticket at using the beacon at the bottom right corner of the page.



Really hate this AI stuff as it is stuffing up all my photos and making them look unrealistic. Definitely gonna stop buying this from now on after I’ve finished with the year - the photos look horrid and so unrealistic. Utter crap. Wish I had never signed up again. If there was a money back offer I would take it.

Ok thanks.

I was trying to help and been in contact with Tom Hi


Please remove my name I have nothing to do with Topaz apart from , like you giving feedback

Personally I have found +/- with is but n general found it useful

Barry west


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No idea what you mean. I didn’t add your name.

Ok. For some reason when u made the comment it came to me as well