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as it seems here are some users with lot’s of hardware backround knowledge in context to Video Enhance AI. I did tested this software during the last two weeks with my two years old middle class system (I7 9700 4x3,6 Ghz, 8GB RTX 2070 + 32 GB Ram). Rendering takes too long therefore I’m very curious the read something about users using “up to date” hardware.
Priority I’m interessted to migrate SD files to HD (PAL 4:3, old analoge video source (p.e. Video8) to HD. Now I’d like to know how much time needs a modern system to render 1 min using Artemis LQ? I’m thinking about following setups:
GPU: RTX 3090 + CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT 8x 3.90GHz + RAM: 64 GB or
GPU: RTX 3080 + CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT 8x 3.90GHz + RAM: 64 GB

Comments and proposals are welcome!

WOW! Sorry I can not help. Never worked on a system that fast.

You need VEAI 1.7.1 for RTX3080 and RTX3090. However, 1.7.1 is not usable due to blocking artifacts. The current fastest high quality setup uses a GTX1080Ti and 1.6.1 (or earlier). Your RTX2070 is almost as fast on 1.6.1. Today I’m testing 1.2.0 as it may have a special use case for film DVDs with its Artemis-MQ model. Read every post on the VEAI forums for details (that’s what I did). 1.6.1 and earlier work with Windows 7 if you prefer that.

If you need more speed, you’ll have to design a distributed processing system, with software (you create) to queue up the jobs and send to VEAI PCs. I’m doing exactly that. I’m building my second VEAI PC today and starting on the software this week. Note I’m NOT using the cmd line interface to remotely control VEAI. It has bugs which make it unsuitable. There are other methods to automate software.

Every time I see you post that I’ve been wanting to say this, and finally decide to do so. You would be doing many people a favor by changing that to something like:

1.7.1 is not usable for me because I find unacceptable blocking artifacts.

Doing it that way won’t discourage others from at least trying, in which case some of them will find, as I do, that for them 1.7.1 Artemis LQ is the best version so far, with no unacceptable blocking artifacts.

1.7.1 is not usable for me due to blocking artifacts.

Happy now?

Better. It doesn’t explicitly acknowledge that for a lot of us, in our particular circumstances, we either don’t get the artifacts, or can’t see them. I know that a lot of your other posts reference using 1x, which I’ve never deliberately used, and I don’t know if that’s where the issue is found or not, but something is very different about your experience and that of a lot of others. My preference is always to suggest that people try things, and choose what looks best for them rather than to tell them “Don’t do that!!!”