New Issue - Everytime I try to bring up Studio plug-in it crashes

I have a Windows 10 64 Bit operating system with 32 Gigs of RAM. I’ve never had issues before with the Studio plugin in my Photoshop CC 2019 software. However, over the past several days I began having issues that I’ve tried to address, but to no avail.

Here goes…

  1. Whenever I now try to bring up Topaz Studio in Photoshop CC, I get the following small error windows:

Error: Launch plug-in failure.

No codes are given, just that simple statement.

This is then followed by the Topaz splash screen, mistakenly giving you the idea that it is about to launch, but that is immediately followed by the Adobe Crash screen which asks if you want to report the bug to Adobe. Regardless of whether you describe the bug, or even if you don’t want to - Photoshop then does a hard crash.

  1. So here’s what I tried to do:

Completely uninstalled and reinstalled Studio, followed by a reboot of my PC (did this 3 times now).

Each time I made to sure see if the Studio plug-ins were located in the Photoshop plug-in folder. In one case they were not, so I copied and pasted them in.

But nothing is working and the thing here is that all of my various other plug-ins (have around 30 of them) work just fine. It’s just whenever I try to bring up the Topaz plug-in, it crashes - bringing down Photoshop with it. I’m at wit’s end.

Any suggestions? I also filled out a support ticket.

Ben Herrmann
Fuquay Varina, NC

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This is highly unusual, please raise a Technical Support request at the Topaz Labs website.

Does Studio launch in stand alone mode?

Well, it actually worked itself out. After trying everything, I figured, why not just temporarily use the stand alone version of Topaz Studio - so I brought that up and it worked superbly. OK, I thought - let me now try the plug-in within Photoshop just one more time - and wallaaaaaa…it worked. Launching the stand alone version seemed to fix any missing links, and thus the plug-in worked fine again. Sorry for alarm (well, alarm on my end, that is).

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Note that the installation instructions need you to run Studio, or any other Topaz application that has plugin capabilities, as a standalone to install in any hosts on your PC.

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