New Gigapixel 2.0.0 is much faster

I just tried two images, both Jpeg,. The 1200 x 1680px at 400% took 39 seconds in V1.1.2, now 15 seconds in V2.0.0

A second 16MP image 3280 x 4928 px at 400% that took 8 min 10 sec in V1.1.2, now takes 2 min 35 sec in V2.0.0

These both include file saving time. Great improvement.

I ran the standard test image from the other Speed Test thread again after installing version 2.0.0 and it took 93 seconds with the GTX 980, and 1035 seconds with the i7-7700K. That’s 4x faster with the GPU and 8% slower on the CPU.

In both cases the program seems to hang up on the file saving dialog now (it looks like it never finishes), but the file is saved all the same. Perhaps this is an artifact of the new anytime process cancelation code, and will get fixed in the next update.

Mine didn’t hang on the file save but the larger file does take longer than the small one. I didn’t measure it but it was approximately 10 seconds.

No matter how long I let it sit the saving file message and spinning wheel persists, but the file is already saved and can be opened in PhotoShop without any warnings about being locked because it’s still open in another program.

I don’t see it on my computer which is MS surface book Pro. The speed looks the same.