New Canon RF 24-105 F2.8

Hello, I take photos in Raw CR3 with my new Canon RF 24-105 F2.8 on Canon R3 and want to edit them in Topaz, then black corners are created at 24mm to about 28mm. The preview without editing looks normal. At jpg. that doesn’t happen. As a comparison, this definitely doesn’t happen with Canon picture viewer and Lightroom. The pictures are also OK in the camera. So definitely a bug. I don’t have that with EF lenses. LG Mike

Please contact support for assistance with this issue, be sure to provide details about when the issue started, what version Topaz Photo AI you’re running, does it affect other raw images or just canon and what troubleshooting steps you have tried so far

This lens is not supported on the Lensfun database as yet.
If you want to submit a request a Lensfun, this is the link: Lensfun

When it is done notify Topaz Support on the main website and they can schedule an update to the database.

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