New and Improved----NOT

Personally I no longer care for this program. The updates were not needed. It was absolutely perfect 6 months ago. Not everything needs to be “new and improved”. How does one improve “absolute perfection?” I doubt I will be using this software as often as I did.
The answer to the above question- They don’t.

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@richard.spinelli.jr Thanks for your insights.

Although it’s not ideal that you think the updates weren’t needed, I’m glad there was a version of Photo AI you thought was perfect. If you prefer any of our previous versions, you can find them here: Releases - Topaz Community

If there are specific updates to the UI or models you feel particularly strongly about, let me know and I’ll make sure to discuss with my team for future updates.

Explain to me what you mean by “Although it’s not ideal that you think the updates weren’t needed”.

Hi Richard, there might be a misunderstanding here. What I mean here is that I regret you’re not finding the recent updates necessary as you stated in your post. We release these updates based on user feedback and to the best of our ability make them as useful as possible.

It sounds like you prefer some previous version of Photo AI which you can still access. Let me know if that clarifies my message.

Clarified. Thank you! I am going back to a later version.

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I agree with richard, the new version not only feels dumbed down but it makes too many assumptions about corrections that for me at least are almost never correct, I’m spending much more time correcting its corrections and the end result somehow still doesn’t seem as satisfactory. I appreciate your solution that we can revert back to a previous version, perhaps you should blast out an email to all users letting them know they have that option.